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Technical Support Services


—How big does your company need to be to have an IT department with dedicated staff to keep your systems running?


—For these cases, at WaveCom we offer convenient maintenance plans with remote help desk for control systems.  computing from 1 to complete networks, including printers, office software, network operating systems, with the most trained personnel to solve your most complicated or simple needs in a variety of equipment brands.

—These plans include:

  • Check your antivirus or operating system updates

  • Review of hard drives, de-fragmentation, backup policies

  • Troubleshooting your operating system

  • Online Remote Access System Via Internet.

  • Email and collaboration systems

  • Support for virtual domains

  • Interconnection of offices and remote stations via  VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • Integration of  Printers and Multifunctional Systems

  • Maintenance of Voice / IP Centrals

  • Maintenance of Routers and Switches (routers and Switches)

  • Windows Server / Linux / NAS server maintenance

Basic Support Plan PC / Mac / Linux

This equalization plan is dedicated to companies during standard business hours and allows technical support and having, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, trained personnel who can provide first-hand help with their technical support needs. Includes up to 4 visits per month.

Extended Support Plan
PC / Mac / Linux

This match plan is dedicated to companies that, in addition to the basic technical support plan hours, need remote support during hours extended to Saturdays and Sundays and Holidays.

Technical Support Telephone exchanges (Alcatel-Lucent,  Grandstream and Yeastar)

With Prior Evaluation of the infrastructure we assemble a support plan including local inventory of the most critical parts (CPU cards / Power Supply / Solid State Disks, and telephone sets) in order to provide access and solutions on site as soon as possible. .

Windows / Linux Servers Support Plan

This plan of equals is oriented to complete the basic services package of the company where we provide support to NAS Installations, Active Directory, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft Exchange, Linux for Squid

Email Systems and Collaboration

Using the avant-garde technology of Google Apps, Hostgator and Microsoft Office 365 in virtual Servers we give life to Email and Collaboration domains creating solutions that go from 1 user onwards.

Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point Controller Servers

To better support our customers, we have available solutions in the cloud for monitoring services of Wireless Access Points, Switches, and Gateways from Ubiquiti Unifi.

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